Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dances

Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dances

Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dances

Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker plays Johannes Brahms’ sparkling Hungarian Dances with brilliance and an infallible natural instinct for this music! She is born in Hamburg like Johannes Brahms himself and counts on Hungarian ancestors in her family back in the 19th century.  

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Arrangement: Joseph Joachim (1831-1907)

No. 1 g-Minor, Allegro molto 3:34
No. 2 d-Minor, Allegro assai 3:42
No. 3 F-Major, Allegretto 2:55
No. 4 h-Minor, Poco sostenuto 4:47
No. 5 g-Minor, Allegro 2:39
No. 6 B-Major, Vivace 3:36
No. 7 A-Major, Allegretto 2:19
No. 8 a-Minor, Presto 3:13
No. 9 e-Minor, Allegro non troppo 2:48
No. 10 G-Major, Presto 1:51
No. 11 d-Minor, Poco an 3:37
No. 12 d-Minor, Presto 2:57
No. 13 D-Major, Andante grazioso 1:53
No. 14 d-Minor, Un poco andante 2:31
No. 15 A-Major, Allegretto grazioso 2:58
No. 16 g-Minor, Con moto 3:32
No. 17 fis-Minor, Andan 1:51
No. 18 D-Major, Molto vivace 1:29
No. 19 a-Minor, Allegretto 2:16
No. 20 d-Minor, Poco allegretto 2:48
No. 21 e-Minor, Vivace 1:36


Total Time: 60:12 Minutes

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About her interpretation and motivation she says:

“I remember that as a kid my parents and I went to Budapest for a weekend. I was fascinated by the Gypsy violin music I heard there. It really might have stimulated something inside of me...

I always liked to savour as much as possible the inspirational and free aspect even in the classically written art music! There is true magic about the right timing! “Rubato” is Italian and means in music “steeling and giving back”... That concept is probably the most exciting, breathtaking and goose bumps guaranteeing aspect in classical music - if it’s done right!

It leaves the listener with the heart full of joy and the soul uplifted not even knowing what exactly caused that. The magic potion of music!”

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