Press reviews

"Magic musical moment"
Heading - Neue Ruhr Zeitung Essen

"Genius on the violin"
Heading - Neue Westfälische

"The passion of the violin"
Heading - Kölnische Rundschau

"Breathtaking dexterity"
Heading - Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

"Elite of the new German violin generation"
Heading - Spenger Nachrichten

"A masterly performance"
Heading - Lippische Landeszeitung

"Brilliant and full of esprit"
Heading - Mindener Tageblatt

Technical virtuosity and expression met each other in this moving interpretation.

Neue Ruhr Zeitung, Essen

The connecting link was Höpcker's warm, elegiac tone that is able to suddenly change into fervent passion in that the brilliant playing technique merges with perfect dynamic in a genial way.

Kölnische Rundschau

How beautifully she played those melodic lines of the violin, which were spun like silver! It was as if the sun was shining on this music.

Neue Ruhr Zeitung, Essen

She played Mendelssohn’s violin concerto in E minor, op. 64, with a mesmerizing sweetness and far away from all empty virtuosity.

Rotenburger Rundschau

The young violinist impressed by a sound of highest intensity and elements of technical bravura that captivated the audience with their fabulous effortlessness.

Neue Westfälische Zeitung

The engagement of the young violinist has been a special and exceptional godsend.

Rotenburger Rundschau

The way how she interpreted the dynamic that was full of nuances, the splendid mastering of the demanding virtuoso elements, and also the easy and fresh musicianship were impressive and uplifting.

Westfälisches Volksblatt

Her playing was full of intensity, the virtuoso passages flew perfectly, the musical interpretation was pure enjoyment – rubati at the right places, musical savouring of the cantilenas.


… sheer poetry!

Neue Ruhr Zeitung, Essen

Brilliant highlight – Mozart mesmerized with the celestially beautiful Adagio of the second movement of his violin concerto with its delicate cantabile melody through his interpreter Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker.

Zevener Zeitung

The young violinist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker from Hamburg proved her great musical talent with enchanting charisma.

Badener Tagblatt

... Brilliant soloist – While some of the passages in the final movement are of almost breakneck difficulty, the Introduction and the ensuing Adagio cantabile demand less the virtuosity from the soloist but rather the beauty of the sound. And Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker has both.

Neue Westfälische Zeitung

Höpcker impressed as a virtuoso soloist with a brilliant, assertive sound and a complete understanding of the composition.

Neue Westfälische Zeitung

The outstanding violinist could thus take her audience with her into a world of music where a language is spoken still that can move those who listen to it instantly, without being conventional. Once again, Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker has proven herself as a brilliant musician in every aspect, who knows how to sing beautifully on her violin and can dance on the strings both in breakneck double stops and in fast passages.

Der Patriot

Passages of thirds, sixths, octaves and tenths sounded with amazing easiness. This was perfected with her mesmerizingly beautiful sound in the cantilenas. Great virtuosity also requires a great measure of effortlessness, and this was precisely the case here. How she moves her fingers and the art how she uses the bow are outstanding.


She triumphed in this highly Romantic work that demands a lot more than just a solid technical basis from the soloist, namely also great emotional expressiveness, musical sensitivity, and a very steady personality. The young artist has all these qualities, and one can predict with certainty that she will go very far.

Nice Matin

Her trills were brilliant, the lightness and clearness of the passages were admirable, which made you forget the immense difficulty of the composition.

Neue Westfälische Zeitung

The soloist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker could take credit for a large portion of the success. The likeable violinist quickly conquered the hearts of the devoutly listening auditorium. Mesmerizing in the fast passages of the solo violin, Camille Saint-Saens´ Havanaise op. 83 enchanted the full hall, the initial rhythms fading away in the impish smile of the young artist.

Westfälischer Anzeiger, Hamm

Soloist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker interpreted with a full, warm sound and a great understanding for the subtleties of the rhythm.

Westfalen Blatt

... a brilliant violin soloist - Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker distributed generously to the enthusiastic audience. Effortless mastering of great difficulties in the right hand technique, emotional fulfilment without any artificial sentimentality, wonderful double stop passages and playful wit, for instance in the passages together with the woodwinds – those were the qualities of a completely inspiring interpretation.

Der Patriot 

Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker was a true "feast for the ears“  and left a fabulous impression.

Lippische Landeszeitung

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly soloist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker playing Mozart‘s famous violin concerto No. 3 in G major, KV 216.

Delmenhorster Kreisblatt

Violinist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker and her partner, pianist Fabio Bidini presented themselves as a duo who mesmerised the audience with their technically perfect and emotional playing.

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

This is how we enjoy chamber music! And Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker does not only convince in the fast passages: She masters soft, long-drawn-out notes, possibly in a decrescendo, with full sound until inaudibility without any kind of noise development – one can really become ecstatic. In particular the middle movements of the two sonatas were made of this material: Magic musical moments.

Neue Ruhr Zeitung, Essen

The artistic director of the concert series “Music in the Forum” made a wonderful choice when he engaged violinist Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker and pianist Fabio Bidini. … After especially virtuoso passages, enthusiastic whispering could be heard in the audience.

Kettwiger Kurier

The musical interplay of the interpreters was wonderfully confident and showed great skills for the subtle nuances. Delicacy and intimacy contrasted with light-footed temperament.

Oberbergische Volkszeitung

There were not sufficient seats on this 86th Chamber Music Concert which had two musicians of international fame with Fabio Bidini and Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker on Sunday. Sheer musical indulgence!

Neue Westfälische Zeitung