Like a remedy for the soul

[... Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker excelled in the violin concerto no.1 in g minor (op. 26) by Max Bruch. The award-winning violinist is born in Hamburg. Fire and temperament - as the soloist of probably the most popular concerto of the violin literature she demonstrated a compelling blend of tender restraint and intoxicating spirit.

Already in the solo introduction she casted a spell over the listeners with the powerful sound of her violin. With enormous manual skills and a wide colour range she brought her instrument to shine. The orchestra accompanied spirited and vigorous in the tutti passages. Without getting lost in sentimentalities in the slow movement, the soloists floated singingly over the symphonic sound carpet that offered her artistic freedom. The wonderful interaction between orchestra and soloist was balm for the soul as it flourished highly romantically with differentiated dynamics up to a radiant Forte. In the Finale, Sabrina-Vivian Höpcker accentuated with an energetic and fiery bow stroke the Hungarian twist. Without rushing a dancelike, vital interpretation was accomplished which beguiled the listeners with perfection, brilliance and an endless variety of colours. ...]

Source: Lippische Landeszeitung, Text: Krügler